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We believe God is blessing us in a season of growth. – the rooted, downward kind. It was the word at the New Year’s Watch Service from Pastor Andre Mitchell of Deliverance Temple.

We are growing in depth as we meditate on The Story Behind the Story this year. We are growing into the story of God’s abundance and learning to reflect his joyful generosity without fear. We’re growing deeper through living into God’s work to free us, from sin, shame and guilt rather than trusting our own systems.

We celebrated baptisms this Resurrection Sunday, and remembered that we do not have to be afraid of anything, even death. We follow a God who is pictured as the Lamb who was slain who wins by dying and living again rather than by forming a militia to win by force. By following him, we are born into the family of worship- ers from every tribe, nation, and language. We are growing into that picture not just someday, but now.