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Along with pastors from around the country, I traveled to Dallas, Texas last week to be part of the Church as Movement Initiative (CAMI) led by our friends, Dr. Kwesi Kamau and Monti Kamau (pictured front left in the image of the group of church leaders standing on a staircase). You might know Dr. Kamau as the creator of the Impact Discipleship curriculum we use at Urban Light. I got to know leaders from places as different as New Jersey and Wyoming who are committed to learning alongside us what God has in store for our churches in this post-covid enviroment of nurturing growth in our churches and communities.

Perfect strangers functioned as brothers as sisters as we prayed together, cried out in lament together, and rejoiced in our great God together. It was a fitting start to what will be a year-long cohort of about 20 churches being trained in discipleship and working toward healing in our communities. There will be opportunities for learning how to effectively plan a project for the thriving of our community as well as coaching in how to help others grow as disciples.

The CAMI cohort provides an opportunity for between 5 and 10 others at Urban Light to learn together with members of other churches represented at this conference. We believe God wants us to raise up a new generation of leaders at Urban Light, better equipped for the ministry of reconciliation we're called to. We are glad to have been invited to be part of this group! Please keep the cohort and those in it in your prayer and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to learn more.