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Since February, Tom Shangle and I have been leading men in a book study covering Jay Stringer’s book, Unwanted. The premise of the book is that our sexual brokenness can reveal our path to freedom. It’s a long look at the “why” behind our destructive sexual choices.

We found freedom being vulnerable with each other discussing things like:

  • Fantasies as road maps to unresolved issues
  • How to embrace both honor and honesty as we look at how we were raised
  • What does your heart most deeply long for?
  • What experiences lead to unwanted sexual behavior?
  • How to develop a routine of joy and delight

It’s not about trying harder. It’s about understanding why we do these things and contemplating what we want most from life.

A diverse group of men joined us for this nine week study, which wrapped up in early April. Pastor Maria has provided financial resources for us as we conclude, enabling us to continue down the path of reconciling to ourselves, to our bodies, our God, and those around us.