Inspire Academy

Inspire Academy is a public charter school employing the Expeditionary Learning approach to offer an empowering education to a diverse group of students. The Urban Light CDC helped launch Inspire Academy as part of our community development vision.

Urban Light CDC


Safe, healthy, diverse communities of mutually-supportive neighbors. 


Seeking to develop healthy and thriving neighborhoods, Urban Light CDC joins with neighbors to enrich our whole community.

Urban Lighthouse

Urban Light House will provide a safe home for up to 6 women while they work through a program to transition from old patterns or are reentering society from a time of incarceration. With a Christ centered program, we pray to see women set free from the bondage of addiction and aid in the reduction of recidivism in Muncie.

Urban Light House is a service of the Urban Light CDC. More info available here.

8Twelve Coalition

The 8twelve Coalition is comprised of residents, non-profits and businesses working to revitalize the 8twelve target area bordered by 8th Street, Memorial Street, Perkins Avenue, and Madison Street. 8Twelve Coalition Facebook Page.

In & Out Cleaning

In & Out was founded largely out of a desire to join other community development efforts for Muncie's South and Central "at risk" neighborhoods. By providing not only meaningful and rewarding employment, but a meaningful community and atmosphere to folks within these neighborhoods especially, the goal has been to affect real change within Muncie's community.

Churches of God General Confrence

We are affiliated with the Churches of God, General Conference, an evangelical denomination that has its roots in the revivalism and social reform efforts of the second Great Awakening. While Urban Light does not split hairs on peripheral doctrinal issues, we are proud that the CGGC historically has been Arminian and was founded as a pacifist and abolitionist group. We are also thankful that many CGGC churches are in the non-Western world.

Christian Community Development Association

We are organizational members of the Christian Community Development Association, a network of several hundred urban ministries whose founder, Dr. John Perkins, is a pioneer in racial reconciliation and holistic development. We adhere to his framework of relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution.

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